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About Me

Passionate about making the world a more beautiful place, I use my skills as a designer and my collaboration super powers to make your projects the best they can be! Whether working within pre-existing branding constraints to do print or web design, or given infinite creative license to start your logo design from scratch, I will work with you until you’re happy with the results!

Why Work with Me?


I answer all emails and phone calls as soon as possible. If emails and phone calls aren't enough, zoom or team meetings will demonstrate your project's importance in my schedule.


Your project needs to reflect your style. I know that design is a matter of taste and that your opinions matter. We examine all the options in order to create what is beautiful - together.


"What if?" is the sentence I use to start every project. Using pre-existing ideas as a springboard, I dive into the waters of possibilities. Nothing is off the table.


For over ten years I've worked with individuals, small businesses and large corporations. My portfolio and reputation demonstrate that your are in good hands.



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